Ultimate Typing

Ultimate Typing

Modern, attractive, and efficient typing tutor software to learn to type
This program has been superseded by Typesy

If you think that learning to type correctly involves dealing with old-fashioned teaching methods and ugly GUIs, think again. Ultimate Typing offers you an attractive and clean application where nice-to-look-at graphics mix nicely with video tutorials and statistics charts to help you go through the different learning levels in probably the most efficient, flexible, and comfortable way possible.

The program has been designed to attract users of all kinds and learning skills. Though it offers you a step-by-step efficient method that will help you move from “Beginner” to “Guru” level in a steady and reassuring way, you can always decide which goals you want to achieve and which exercises adjust better to your needs and hopes. This high level of flexibility, together with the scientific background that shows throughout its methodology make this typing learning tool to stand out from its competitors.

All exercises are designed in such a way that all you have to do is typing. The clock will start automatically with the first keystroke, and you are informed at all times about your speed, the number of words completed, and the percentage of completion achieved for that exercise. Mistakes are shown in a different color, so you know exactly where things have gone wrong while typing. Before that, you can relax and watch the tutorial provided for that specific level by your personal coach, and learn more about the way each exercise was designed and why.

Ultimate Typing includes courses for beginners, advanced typists, and even “guru” users. In between, you will find specific courses to improve your accuracy and speed levels. Though the program will set default goals for you to achieve, you can always move them up or down so that they adjust better to your personal learning curve. As a bonus, you are offered dictation exercises, in which you will hear and enjoy famous speeches and texts written by notorious personalities. Actually, you can even create your own lessons, using those texts that appeal most to you. You will even find specific exercises designed for your kids – they will achieve the same level of efficiency though in a funnier learning environment. The program allows up to five users per license, which is usually enough for most families.

Your performance is constantly monitored, and you can check your own progress at any time using the program’s attractive statistics charts and graphs and adapt your goals accordingly. You will learn how you use your fingers, how to improve your speed and accuracy, and even how to sit properly. Every aspect of learning how to type properly has been carefully taken into account. You will find it hard to identify another software-based method that matches the high level of flexibility and the amount of exercises that Ultimate Typing provides.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and clear interface with nice graphics
  • Wide array of video tutorials
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • High flexibility
  • Excellent set of statistics
  • Evaluates your success and pushes you to achieve your own goals


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